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Cycling around Izu:
A Journey Filled with
the Charms of Japan

Izu-no-kuni City is where the melodies of nature and the breath of history harmonize perfectly.
Let your heart dance in the soothing hot springs and beautiful landscapes
as you feel the depth of Japan's spirit and tradition.
With the majestic Mount Fuji in the background,
become one with the wind and enjoy ultimate bliss.

An enchanting journey that can only be experienced through MERIDA's cycling tours.
Embark on an inspirational journey, surrendering to the charms and the beauty of Izu and of Japan.


The best place
in Japan

Izu, where MERIDA Xbase is located, is the perfect place to experience the many charms of Japan.
Visitors are fascinated by the azure shoreline, lush green mountains, and ever-changing landscapes throughout the year.
With old temples, shrines, and historical landmarks, you'll find yourself immersed in history and culture. Izu's seafood and traditional cuisine offer the opportunity to experience delightful flavors.
In addition, Izu-no-Kuni City is well-known for its hot springs, where you can unwind and relax in the soothing waters while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding scenery.

The happiness that
can only be Xperienced
through cycling

Izu is a treasure trove of travel charm, with a wealth of attractions and great nature created by the distinctive topography.
This region, which is especially popular for cycling, offers the utmost charm of cycling tours, letting you leisurely explore beautiful scenery, historic cityscapes, and ocean and mountain views while enjoying the breeze.


At MERIDA X BASE, we offer a variety of tours tailored to each season.
Guided tours that highlight Izu's must-visit locations and the natural beauty and cuisine of the four seasons are guaranteed to give you memories that will last a lifetime.

JP ¥30,000〜

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Cycling tours that let you fully enjoy the charms of Izu and Japan

What you can Xperience

Japanese culture

This region, known as the birthplace of samurai culture, is covered with old temples and shrines, maintaining the atmosphere of the good old days of Japan through its historical structures.

'Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace' is a nationally designated Important Cultural Property,and 'Ganjojuin,' is known as a popular power spot.The area is also well-known as one of Japan's top hot spring resorts and has a strong Onsen culture. In places like Shuzenji and Nagahama, you can enjoy the changing seasons while soaking in the hot springs.

the delicacies of Izu

The Izu region is blessed with fresh seafood and local specialties, offering a variety of delicious food options.
Because of the distinct soil and climate, the region is well-known for producing tea and wasabi. Beautiful wasabi fields are found across the region, allowing you to enjoy dishes made with fresh wasabi.
In addition, the tea fields that create beautiful landscapes offer popular tours with opportunities to talk to tea farmers, participate in tea-picking, and learn about the tea manufacturing process.
Facing the sea, the region offers a variety of fresh seafood to enjoy, including Japanese spiny lobster, abalone, and local delicacies like shirasu (whitebait) and octopus.

the nature of Izu

In this region of abundant nature, you can enjoy a diverse landscape with Mount Fuji as a backdrop.
Osezaki, known for its panoramic view of Mount Fuji across the sea, has long been celebrated as a scenic spot with breaktaking sunsets.
Cycling along the Kano River that runs through the region is especially popular. It's a great way to explore various view spots and places associated with the Hojo Family,a powerful samurai clan from the 12th century in Japanese history.
The Nishi-Izu Skyline is well-known as a pilgrimage site and a popular must-visit destination for cyclists.
With flat terrain perfect for cycling, picturesque coasts along Suruga Bay, and beautiful mountains covered in tea fields, you'll enjoy cycling while experiencing the distinctive natural beauty of Izu.

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Tour Menu

MERIDA X Base offers a variety of unique cycling tours with diverse routes that
allow you to fully enjoy the culture, history, and cuisine of Izu.
Many enchanting charms that can only be experienced through cycling.
Come experience the special moments waiting for you!

Course Izu

Cycling amidst Japan's pristine natural landscapes, with moderate inclines providing an engaging ride. Explore traditional cultural experiences such as visiting wasabi fields and learning tofu-making techniques along the way.

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Course Izunokuni

A scenic route along the majestic Kano River, offering occasional glimpses of Mount Fuji. Ideal for those seeking a leisurely ride with mostly flat terrain. Depending on the season, you can enjoy experiences like tea picking, strawberry picking, or mandarin orange picking along the way.

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195-2 Takyo, Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-2315
[OPEN]9:00 CLOSE 17:00

By Car

90 minutes

from Shin Tomei Expressway Tokyo,Immediately from the OhitoChuo IC interchange exit

By Public Transportation

100 minutes

by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station,8 minutes walk after getting off at Takyo Station

By Car:Tokyo IC→Nagamizumi numazu IC→IZU VILLAGE→MERIDA X-BASE! By Train:Tokyo Sta.→Misima Sta.→Takyo Sta.→on foot 8min→MERIDA X-BASE!

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